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wanderers and warriors

Charlie Pauly and Lauren Cliffe are a travel couple from the UK. Their main aim is to inspire others to discover the world with their sense of humor, love, and passion. You can also find them through the web under the name of Wanderers and Warriors. Beyond their travels together, Wanderers and Warriors actually started as a clothing brand. Their goal was to build a worldwide fashion spot for passionate travelers. From the little steps of their Instagram journey, today they inspire a lot of travelers to discover more! So, let’s take a look at the story of Wanderers and Warriors!


NameCharlie & Lauren
Age29 & 26
JobContent Creators & Travel Bloggers
Hobbies / InterestsTravel, Photography, Videography
Number of Countries Visited? 32
Social Media AccountsInstagram/charlieandlauren_
Youtube/Charlie & Lauren
wanderers and warriors
Charlie and Lauren in London
How did you guys meet? Can you tell us the story of you becoming a couple as well?

We actually met in our local shopping center after both returning from traveling. As we went to the same school, we knew of each other before but had never spoken before because Lauren was a few years below me. We exchanged numbers and soon found that we had a lot more in common than just our passion for travel.

How did you decide to travel the world together?

We were both at home saving up for our next overseas trips. So once we decided to move things forward into a relationship, it was inevitable that we’d head off traveling together as a duo.

Is there any particular moment from your trips that you’ll always remember?

The list could go on forever so we’ll try and keep it short. A few that spring to mind are our first African safari in Tanzania – the wildlife is unexplainable until you see it with your own eyes. Exploring the slums of Mumbai – we’d heard such horror stories of how unsafe it was but the people couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly. And of course, watching the hot air balloons rise over Cappadocia – if you want to experience a real-life fairytale then add it to the bucket list!

What are the best/worst sides of traveling as a couple?

There are so many amazing sides of traveling as a couple, but the best part has to be having that someone there to share it all with. The goods and the bads. They say happiness is only real when shared, and I think both having experienced traveling solo, it just completes the package having someone to share all of the incredible experiences with and to be able to look back on it altogether. As for the worst sides – probably just the confined space and worry for the other person. When something goes wrong, there’s no much space for alone time and we tend to carry the weight and worry of the other.

Tell us about London. How’s it to be a couple in London? What’s the best part of the city for couples?

We love London. There’s just a certain vibe around the city and it’s crazy how true the saying ‘there’s no place like home’ is for us when it comes to the UK. There’s a hub for every type of community and such diversity to be found in the capital. For couples (and singletons) there’s always something to do. We tend to love shopping the markets such as Brick Lane Market or Old Spitalfields Market – even if you’re not looking to buy things it’s just an easy way to spend an afternoon wandering and the food trucks are awesome!

Camden Market
Traveling as two people can be challenging from time to time. What would be your advice for other couples to travel in harmony as well?

Just to communicate. Any problem can be solved by talking. With a calm and understanding tone. Whenever things get rough on the road we always remind ourselves that we’re on the same team! And that should always be the priority, looking after each other. Nothing should come between the two of you.

How long have you been traveling together?

Almost 4 years now. We set off for India on June 1, 2017!

delhi india
Delhi, India
The first city you’ve ever visited as a couple:

Close to home: Cambridge
Abroad: Delhi

The most romantic hotel/restaurant you’ve been to together:

Rifugio La Montanara in the Dolomoties of Trentino

wanderers and warriors
Rifugio La Montanara Molveno
The destination you love going to the most as a couple:

There’s no place like the Philippines!

The most romantic city for Valentine’s Day:

Goreme in Cappadocia or Funchal in Madeira

wanderers and warriors
Madeira Evenings
Your favorite activity to do as a couple except traveling :

Board Games. We are forever expanding our board/card game collection.

Your favorite spot in London to visit:

As cliché as it sounds, aside from the markets, we love walking over Tower Bridge. There’s something so special about the iconic blue landmark!

wanderers and warriors
Charlie and Lauren in front of the Tower Bridge

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