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When we approached the last weeks of July, news from the travel world was focusing on the border reopenings once again. Since, we are in the middle of the holiday season, in spite of the pandemic, travelers started to look for some little escapes. The news was not so good especially for US travelers since many countries do not open their borders for them. Except then that the decision of Qantas to cancel all international flights until March 2021 was once again showing the different approaches of governments to the pandemic. All in all, it seems that we can’t imagine and set a world where tourism doesn’t play a big part in world economics by looking at the eagerness of people to go around.

Border Reopenings Updates

Restrictions For US Travelers

While coronavirus cases are in the declining trend in most countries, the US has still an upward graph in the number of cases. Well, that outcome comes with other results for US travelers in terms of travel restrictions. As we have already mentioned before, since the EU opened borders for traveling to some countries by 1st July, US travelers seem not to be allowed to Schengen area any soon.

However, by this week, Croatia declared that the country allowed for all international visitors. That could be an opportunity for US travelers to have an alternative Europe holiday this summer. But travelers should note that although Croatia is a member of the Europen Union, the country is not part of the Schengen area. So that the travelers are objected to border controls in case of leaving the country by any means. Except than Europe, also the Bahamas, St. Maarten, and Curacao have also opened their borders to almost every country, US travelers will not be allowed to enter those countries.

Maldives Reopens For All Tourists

Actually, one of the best news for travelers came from Maldives. Maldives is one of the greatest destinations for an exotic escape. If you have a considerable amount of budget to allocate for this summer, Maldives can be one of the best options to consider under these circumstances. Especially, for US travelers whom their options are not so versatile by so far.


Qantas Cancels All Flights Until March 2021

We have been updating you that Austalia and New Zealand are approaching to the coronavirus issues very strictly. And predictions were stating that the international visitors were not being allowed until 2021. By the last week, Qantas announced that all international flights are canceled until March 2021. The decision seems very drastic and I am personally not very sure if it’s the best solutşon to make a such long term decision. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem that the pandemic would totally leave us before the new year. So that the decision of Qantas may make sense for such a sensitive country about the pandemic. As I have mentioned in our last post, when it comes to the restrictions regarding the coronavirus issues, countries approach it very differently. In the chart below, it may give an idea about countries for their approaches to restrictions against the coronavirus.

Restriction Levels of Countries Against Coronavirus

Last Qantas 747 Got Retired With ‘Kangaroo’ In Sky

Airline companies come up with sweet and beautiful ways to take attention to important occasions to draw a picture in the sky by the route of the flight. One of the last we have seen recently belonged to Turkish Airlines on April 23 to draw the flag of Turkey in the sky. This time Qantas chose the way to retire their latest two-decks 747 jet by drawing a ‘flying kangaroo’ on the sky.

Hazmat Suits For Air Travel

The latest innovation for air travelers who have big concerns for the coronavirus came from VYZR Technologies, Toronto based company. Their newly launched product called the BioVYZR offers full protection for passengers as a full wearable helmet. The newly founded company had already raised around $400,000 by a pre-order of 50,000 suits. The gear looks like from space movies, doesn’t it? I feel like, I could even use it for a rocket launch!

The Floating Movie Theatre In Toronto

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many attires including crowded audiences had been banned. Those places are including movie theatres, football stadiums, and concerts. To come with creative solutions many organizations came with different solutions. It especially started with open-air movie theatres that people can park their cars in front of the screen and watch the movie from inside of their cars. The same solution was on hand for some football games to create an atmosphere for their supporters to watch the game altogether. However, when it comes to Toronto, the solution was very unique. A floating cinema! You can just take your own social-distance boat and watch movies on the water.

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