Weekly Travel News: 17 – 23 August 2020

weekly travel news

Surely, the news about travel restrictions during the pandemic had been the major source of the weekly travel news. However, when it comes to this week, there are no major updates about restrictions than last week. We have a good list of countries that you can travel from different regions that you can check here. However, the bad news that I may mention is that the trend of the number of cases going upward in most of the countries and soon we can see new restrictions. Once again we saw that airlines and destinations are fighting back to promote their businesses. Slightly coming to the end of August, let’s take a look at our weekly travel news.

Weekly Travel News From The Destinations

Geneva Offering Free Gift Cards To The Visitors

While traveling is becoming more common, especially in the regions, destinations are making strategies to promote it. The Swiss city is offering free gift cards that you can use at various hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, and activities. The Geneva Gift Card has a value of 100 CHF (€93). Tourists get it when checking in at a participating hotel or guesthouse, and must be staying for at least two nights to qualify. Only one card is given out per room. And, they are valid until 31 December 2020. However, you can’t get any outstanding balance when you are returning back to your country. So it’s better to spend all of your balance on your card and to enjoy it.

Estonia’s New Digital Nomad Visa

One of the hottest differences in our lives was being at home during the pandemic. Whether you are studying or working, you have to deal with your duties from home. So even though there was ‘home-office’ terminology in our lives before, it became everyone’s normality. And now it seems that many companies will rethink their remote work policies after all. As one of the most open countries to new digital start-ups, Estancia has launched a new visa to invite digital nomads who aren’t tied to a physical office.

You can apply for the digital nomad visa here. Although the program is alive now, applicants must meet a few requirements, including being able to work independently of location; the ability to work remotely; having “an active employment contract with a company registered outside of Estonia, conducting business through your own company registered abroad, or work as a freelancer for clients mostly outside of Estonia”. You will have to prove that your income meets the minimum threshold for six months preceding the application, which is currently €3504. 

Aviation Keeps On Trying New Ways To Earn Some Money

Flight To Nowhere to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

All these travel restrictions really made us all travelers bumped up their wanderlust. If you may remember, back in time, at the end of June, Songshan Airport in Taiwan wanted to offer a group of people to experience a simulation of an international journey experience in an empty airport. Now a similar move again came from Taiwan. Eva Air had launched their new flights that don’t go to anywhere actually. The plane takes off and sails over the north coast of Taiwan and Japan’s Ryukyu Islands. The Hello Kitty-themed flight also offers an inflight meal prepared by a Michelin chef. All the journey costs $183 per person. There are also some ideas on British Airways to consider ‘air cruises’ approaching where planes fly slowly over areas like Cairo’s Great Pyramids of Giza with an inflight commentary.

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas Became the Busiest Airport During the Pandemic

Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Airport had more planes taking off and landing than any other airport in the world during the pandemic. DFW had more than 12,000 flights in May, which was less than half of its schedule compared to February 2020. American Airlines, one of the world’s biggest airline companies, is based in Fort Worth and operated the vast majority of the flights from the airport. The top busiest airport lists generally include Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, LA, Tokyo, and London. Although the cases are still dramatically increasing in the States, airlines are slowly going their schedules back to normal, especially after the government lifted its global “do not travel” warning last week.

Do You Miss Airplane Food?

One of the fancy things about flights has been inflight foods about a plane journey. The plane foods may seem pretty luxurious and tasty to most of us especially when it is in the business class. As you may guess, the aviation sector is a operational focused sector. From preparing the aircraft ready to fly to get to the destination on time come with big operational excellence. And one of the biggest operations happens for the aircraft comes from the inflight catering. The food you receive in the aircraft of course is not prepared by the airline itself. But all the airlines work with an outsource catering company to deliver the best food on their flights.

Inflight food is one of the most important strategy for airlines to present their brand images as a premium and high-segment class especially for their business cabins

While most of the airlines have one big catering company that they work together in their hub airport, they may also work with other catering companies in particular destinations. The operation works in a way that if the food you load to the aircraft is able to durable for the return flight, all food would be loaded to the aircraft in the hub city. However, if the aircraft goes to a far destination over 5-6 hours, then you would need to load the food for the return from the other country. When it doesn’t make sense to deal with a new catering company in that particular destination, airlines may generally tend to work with those destination’s airline catering companies.

Since there are not so many flight happenings at the moment, you may easily guess that these specific catering companies are also suffering losses during the pandemic facing struggles. If you are missing the airline food and want to take a bit of bite to feel in your favorite journeys, you can check the list here that which airlines’ catering companies offer their food to be sold to customers at the moment.

Tripadvisor Announced The ‘Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best’ Awards

Every year, Tripadvisor announces the ‘Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best‘ awards. Since the company is the most traffic taking travel source with unique peers, it is the leading authority of the travel world in terms of ratings and comments for the hotels, airlines, destinations, and many more. The winners of the award are chosen from all the reviews, ratings, and saves that travelers share from across the globe. So let me list you the winners of each category for you to take look at it in a glance;

camel safari
Camel Safari in Dubai is the favourite experience of travelers
  • Hotel: Viroth’s Hotel – Siem Reap/Cambodia
  • Airline: Azul Brazilian Airlines
  • Fine Dining Restaurant: Auberge du Vieux Puits – Gilles Goujon/France
  • Beach: Baia do Sancho – Fernando de Noronha/Brazil
  • Amusement Park: Magic Kingdom Park – Orlando/US
  • Water Park: Siam Park – Adeje/Spain
  • Experience: Camel Safari with BBQ at Camp – Dubai/UAE
London is chosen as the most popular destination by the Tripadvisor users
  • Popular Destination: London/United Kingdom
  • Trending Destination: Kochi/India
  • Emerging Destination: Kaliningrad/Russia

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