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Why Traveling Is Important For Us?


While most of us love traveling and making it the core of our lives, some find it tiring and are lazy for it. But why traveling is important for us? Have you ever wondered what’s the origin of the word ‘travel‘ etymologically. According to resources, the word ‘travel’ comes from the French word ‘travail’ meaning ‘work’. And the word ‘travel’ was actually used for ‘to labor’ and expressed the journey of people to go to their work. Even today, the word ‘travail‘ is used for a struggled laborious effort in English.

I think we can all agree that traveling is hard, tiring, and challenging. You have to manage your time well, know your direction, and reach your ultimate destination. After all, thinking in this manner lets me know why that word was used as ‘labor’ in the past. Working life is actually the same as traveling about managing your time and reaching your goals by your plans. Isn’t it true that sometimes a process of traveling or working hard? But, when we gather the fruits of it, we realize how satisfying the journey it was that all worthed to our efforts.

No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

Lin Yutang

As all human beings, we are bounded to create some value to society and work for it. To achieve our self-realization, we are all dedicated to attend to work on a daily basis. It is also necessary to sustain our economic freedom. And, don’t you think that for most of us, traveling and seeing new destinations are also a way to reach our self-actualization. When I gather all these clues into the one basket, the idea that a person who loves his work is probably a one who loves traveling. Reversely, a person who loves to travel is also a hardworking person who is not afraid of the challenge. So people who travel more may be more successful people in their careers. And when you do a search about the issue, you will see many articles about traveling makes you a more successful person.

Time To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

why traveling is important

Out of all, when we approach the topic from a more leisure perspective, traveling is being essential for us in today’s world because we always seek for getting out of routine. We love to explore new things, force ourselves to see beyond the horizon, and try to get out of our comfort zone. We all know that great things never come from the comfort zone. To reach an unknown destination needs an effort just as learning something very new. Even in that sense, I can see that traveling is just a mirror of life. Traveling lets us learn about new cultures, perspectives, and practicalness. And the farther we go than our hometown, the more likely we discover newer things.

All in all, we can say that movement, change, and challenges have been in our DNAs over centuries. Struggling to reach for our utmost goal was in our deepest soul. Going further and keeping on moving will always keep us alive in any aspect. That’s why traveling is so essential for us to survive. I can’t see anything else than an ambition on traveling to improve ourselves. Keep on dare to travel!

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Written by Alper Aydın

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