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Will Camping Increase This Year?

There is no doubt that there will be an increase in domestic traveling because of COVID-19, but how will that affect camping in your country?

At the beginning of the year, it may have seemed like the world was going to end because of this pandemic. The media increased the fright around the world promoting the idea that the world would lose millions of people. Now don’t get me wrong, the idea of a pandemic and the thought of losing loved ones is very scary. At the start of 2020 did anyone think this would happen? That the world would shut down? Did you sit there watching the news and think about how this will affect the future of yourself and others? Most people had no idea what was going on and what would happen and some still have no idea! How will this affect our love for camping?

Each country has made decisions for the safety of their people, which included shutting borders completely to outsiders, along with closing businesses. In order for economies to get back on track, there must be an increase in consumers. You may be sitting there reading this and thinking ‘I cannot wait to travel again’ or you may be thinking ‘there is no way I will be traveling anytime soon’. Whichever one you are, when it is safe to travel again there are ways to ensure the safety of yourself and others. In some countries, many hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses will not open to the public until mid to late summer. Summer holidays are around the corner and I must ask, what do you plan on doing?


I know what I will be doing… CAMPING! If you are like me then you love the idea of spending time outdoors and with your friends and family. According to the statistics collected by, Ninety-six percent of campers enjoy camping with family and friends and feel healthier because of the outdoor benefits. Meanwhile, fifty percent of younger campers are inspired to camp by family members; while sixty percent of older campers stated it was because of their love for the outdoors. Whether you love camping because of your family’s influence or you love the outdoors, it will be the go-to travel experience this summer!

With everything going on in the world right now you may feel like you need some time away from reality. Step into your fantasy of camping. As of now, most countries still do not allow camping at campsites but that will change soon. There are many ways to go camping; whether you use a tent, hammock, RV, van, or camp in a yurt or cabin (glamping). This summer many people will be looking to stay in their own countries because of the fear of another peak or getting sick in general. I am here to reassure you, camping provides that escape from reality that you may be yearning for! City breaks are fun and entertaining but at this time in the world, it may not be the safest option to be in a busy city with crowds. Camping gives you that escape from the grind while ensuring your safety.

Around the world, there are many places to camp; from private fields to campsites and national parks. Each place will offer you your own place to be and space to enjoy the outdoors. People will have their own space in their pitch where they can enjoy their time! Now, I am not saying that everyone should camp on top of each other like at a music festival;  but you should take as little as you need and give yourself the space and time to relax. You deserve it!  It will still be important to keep your distance from others, so camping can offer you that assurance of safety and relaxation. If you are still not comfortable camping, you can always stay home and pitch a tent in your garden. This is especially a great idea for children and those at risk or those whose families have to work all summer.

In Conclusion

I am no expert in COVID-19 nor a professional in tourism statistics, but I am a lover of being outdoors and camping! If you are looking to travel this summer but you are worried about money or the pandemic, staying in your own country and camping is the right answer. It should offer you the safe space you need to get away, at a fraction of the cost of an international trip! If you are serious about camping make sure you plan ahead of time because places are starting to book up already for mid to late summer. I hope you have a great summer and enjoy your traveling experiences. Please be safe and continue to follow the guidelines that your country provides you! 

Let us know in the comments your plans for summer!

I’m Alyssa, travel and lifestyle blogger. Hopefully, you liked my guest post for Travelinsightpedia. For more, you can also visit my website at famouslyfrayling.

Written by Alyssa Frayling

Travel and Lifestyle Blogger,
Guest Writer at Travelinsightpedia

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