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Zala Cuden: Travel and Surfing

Zala Cuden is a surfer who can’t imagine a life without waves and water. Traveling is the only way for her to chase her surfing passion. Seeking the perfect wave, Zala traveled around many exotic countries. Zala Cuden is also a surf instructor teaching others about her passion. Don’t miss out on checking her Instagram with many inspiring and vivid shots!


NameZala Cuden
JobSurf Instructor, Graphic Designer
Hobbies / InterestsSurfing
Number of Countries Visited? 19
Social Media AccountsWeb/
Where does your inspiration about surfing come from? And how did you decide to make your journey into Instagram?

I started surfing 11 years ago. In the beginning, it was just for fun during vacations. Later it became my passion and for the last 5 years, I am surfing all year round, chasing the endless summer. It is easy to get addicted to. I started with Instagram a long time ago. First, it was just everyday life in Slovenia and a couple of surf trips, later it became all my lifestyle, traveling, and surfing. I am happy that people follow my journey.

Do you think that surfing and traveling are two inseparable elements for you? Or you had just a passion for traveling independently from surfing?

I am coming from Slovenia, a country without waves so if I don’t travel, I cannot surf. I started traveling before I used to surf but after I visited a lot of countries just looking for a perfect wave. Right now I can’t imagine going on a trip without taking my surfboards with me.

Zala Cuden
How do you finance your trips? Are you able to make money from your Instagram?

Usually, I work in most places I visit. Sometimes I work for few months and then go for a surf trip for myself. I studied graphic design which helps me with creating content for all Instagrams that I am running. With my Instagram, I am making some money but not enough to live just with that. Mostly I make money with teaching surfing around the world.

Can you tell us about learning surfing briefly? How much time does it take to learn it at a minimum level? Could it be self-taught or one needs professional help to learn it?

Everyone can learn how to surf. I would always recommend having a couple of lessons at the beginning just to start right. If you try by yourself you can start with mistakes which are very hard to fix later. It is easy to stand up on the board so in a few days you should be at that level, but getting better it takes a long time. Surfing is definitely not an easy sport. It takes a lot of energy to catch a wave. The best practice for surfing is swimming, other sports help too but the muscles we use in surfing we can get with swimming. Sometimes we joke about it and we just say: Training for surfing is surfing.

Zala Cuden is surfing
Is surfing an expensive sport? And can you briefly tell about boards?

It all depends on where you learn how to surf, but it is not super expensive. Later when you get your own equipment the most expensive thing is a plane ticket to get to the waves. Boards cost from 300-1000 euros. It all depends on what kind of board would you like. For the beginning it is the best to start on a foam board and when you progress slowly go to smaller boards.

Would you like to tell us about the story of your tattoos?

Uh for now I have 7 tattoos and I am just thinking to get more. I actually have some funny stories behind but you would need to see them so you would know what I am talking about. For example, I have a palm tree on my arm, so when I raise my arm I can always be under the palm tree ?.

Zala Cuden - Surfer
Where was the first beach you started surfing?

Fuerteventura, Canary islands 2010.

Have you ever got injured during a surf?

Yes. Open head, cuts on my feet…

Your favourite top 3 beaches for surfing:

Hossegor, Mentawai islands, Fuerteventura.

Your favorite tropical fruit:


Which camera do you use for your pictures on Instagram?

Canon + GoPro

3 words to describe a good surfer

Commited, passionate, and focused

Zala Cuden - Mentawai Island
Your favourite country


Your dream destination/beach for surfing:

Mentawai islands

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